Turn It Around Youth help make fun events happen in Charlestown!


Our Turn It Around youth lend a hand to help support the Chris Herren event in Charlestown. They also get to meet him and see what a class act he really is.

2014 Recovery Month

Recovery Month


CSAC is gathering the community of Charlestown to remember each other this month as we continue our fight against the perils of addiction and join hands in the light of recovery. Please join us for any or all the events posted to the left.


Thanks to everyone who came out to hear Chris Herren talk about his struggle with addiction. We had an amazing turn out!


Increasing safety and “Quality of Life”


Prescription Drug Give Back

Thanks to all who came out on Saturday for the Open Market to take advantage of our “Safe Medication Disposal” opportunity. We collected over 740 scripts. Please check out this link to find a disposal site near by.
In addition to the availability of drugs in public parks and housing developments, young people access prescription drugs at home. The Coalition conducts a community-wide campaign about proper disposal of prescription drugs leading up to the annual Rx Safe Disposal Day, and will work with pharmacies to include this information when dispensing medications. The Coalition is also working with the Boston Public Health Commission and the Boston Police Department to install permanent drop boxes for prescription at the new police stations.

Recovery Health Fair in Charlestown


Dear friends,

We are inviting you and asking you to participate in a very important event to promote a healthier Charlestown. In light of recent news about the perils of opiate use, be it the accessibility to prescription pain killers and the danger they pose resting in our medicine cabinets for the “what ifs” the future holds, to heroin overdoses happening to popular movies stars, to young people in our community, we hope you will come to learn more about addiction and how we can come together as a community to combat it.
On April 15 the Boston Public Health Commission is sponsoring a Health Fair here in Charlestown to address the topic of addiction. This fair will be headlined by a Narcan Training given by Berto Sanchez who will discuss how the body is affected by opiates, what is happening during an overdose, and how the administration of Narcan aka Naloxone can save a life.
This fair will also highlight our next prescription drug give back day and where community members can dispose of extra medications they might have in their homes. We will also appreciate prevention work some of our Charlestown youth have been engaged with for the past 9 months and they will tell you what they hope to do to give their peers and younger kids something to do instead of using drugs.
We hope you will join us and show how much of a community Charlestown really is!charlestown substance use disorder recovery flyer

Resources for Successful Treatment and Recovery


Drug Court Since 2003, Charlestown has had some of the highest rates of opiate addiction in the Commonwealth and across the City of Boston. An abundance of data indicates that among Boston neighborhoods, Charlestown has been disproportionately affected by opioid use and overdose. In 2006, Charlestown’s rate of Boston Emergency Medical Service encounters for heroin overdose, along with its drug mortality rates, were more than twice the corresponding rates for the city of Boston overall.

The Chief Probation Officer of the Charlestown Court, in conjunction with it First Justice, Clerk Magistrate, the Charlestown Substance Abuse Coalition (CSAC), Boston Municipal Court Department Alcohol and Drug Treatment Initiative (ADTI), Massachusetts General Hospital, and North Suffolk Mental Health, hereby establishes a specialized community court to specifically address chronic drug and alcohol abuse. The specialized court shall be known as the Charlestown Court Addiction Recovery Team (ChART). It shall be available to the chronic substance abusing defendants deemed appropriate by ChART and approved by the Court. Participants accepted into the specialized court shall be evaluated, referred to a course of treatment, strictly supervised and then reintegrated into the community. Congratulations to these two Drug Court Participants who have completed their 18 month attendance on Thursday April 17, 2014! Read more about their story…

Our Mission

CSAC is a community-based coalition of residents, businesses, organizations, professionals, and advocates who work together to reduce substance use in Charlestown. Through a unified, collaborative approach, we utilize existing community resources, organize programs to identify needs, and harness the energy and commitment of all to provide a safe, healthy environment in Charlestown.

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